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Silent Auction Items

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Washington Redskins BBQ grill set, apron set, Heritage banner, Garden flag, 3-D Lego Helmet, Hail to the Redskins Football Dynasty Book, and Christmas ornament.

2 collapsible laundry baskets; College-Dorm Medical Kit, gum, Altoids, microwavable mac&cheese, cup-a-soup, Command strips and hooks, blanket, Tide pods, Colgate disposable toothbrushes, gift cards to IHOP, Starbucks, Papa Johns, Dominos, Taco Bell, and Panda Express. 

Mini Weber Grill, BBQ seasonings and rubs, grill lighters, grill tools, Grill Mates Marinades, hot pads, Beer cozies, Beer nuts, and bottle opener.

Vera Bradley Pink Tropical Paradise handbag with matching ID/credit card holder, Waikiki Beach Coconut Body Cream lotion.

Vera Bradley Seashore tote beach bag with matching zip pouch and ID and credit card holder.

Original Acrylic Painting

24" x 36"

Hibiscus: Painted by Kami Downey in memory of Brendan Downey.

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