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Silent Auction

We wanted to share with you the items that we will be included in the Silent Auction during the Fundraiser. All items have been created and kindly donated by friends and family. All proceeds will go towards the Memorial Fund. Thank you for your support! 

  • 3 Syrup Baskets: Each containing one bottle of syrup tapped by Brendan's uncle, Chuck Downey; pancake mix, spatula, potholder, and dish towel with a pineapple design.

  • 2 fleece tied blankets donated by Alexandra Jennings

  • 1 Coffee Basket: Contains 1 - 8 oz. bag of 100% Maui coffee beans ; 1 - 1 lb. bag of a blend of  60% Peru, 20% Ethiopian and 20% Maui coffee, Hawaiian shortbread cookies, Kona Macadamia Nuts, 2 Makawao Coffee Company mugs, and 4 - pineapple coasters. Coffee is donated by Makawao Coffee Company in Orange, VA.

  • Hand-painted clipboards with notepads: Each clipboard is hand-painted using chalk paint with unique and colorful designs by Teresa Haggestad (Brendan's aunt)

  • Jewelry: Designed with Hawaii in mind and donated by Teresa Haggestad 

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